MoodPen is an innovative platform that assists individuals in tracking and understanding their emotions for personal development. With its journaling feature, users receive personalized feedback powered by AI technology. The venting chat system provides real-time support, while mood insights offer valuable summaries and key takeaways. Additional features include speech-to-text functionality, support for multiple languages, and the ability to customize the AI persona. MoodPen offers flexible subscription options, including both a subscription and lifetime membership, allowing users to choose the plan that best suits their needs.


Mindsera is an AI-driven journaling platform that fosters positive mindset, cognitive skills, mental health, and overall mental fitness. It offers personalized mentorship and feedback to users. Through Mindsera, users can journal their thoughts and receive prompts, summaries, and analyses of their entries. The platform incorporates mindset analysis to enhance self-awareness and well-being. It provides access to a wealth of frameworks and mental models for better decision-making and problem-solving. Users can seek guidance from renowned advisors and enjoy AI-generated artwork based on their journaling. Mindsera ensures a distraction-free experience and offers features like smart highlights, habit tracking, and a dark mode.

MyFit AI

MyFit is an innovative AI tool that empowers users to create customized fitness programs based on their unique characteristics. By inputting factors such as age, gender, fitness level, training experience, exercise frequency, and desired fitness goal, users can generate a personalized program. With a premium subscription, users gain access to unlimited program generation and soon-to-be-launched personalized meal plans. MyFit offers a seamless fitness experience, adapting to individual needs and providing the flexibility to achieve fitness goals effectively. Upgrade to the premium subscription and unlock an array of new features to enhance your fitness journey.


Ogimi Labs’ AI Generated Personalized Meditations is a transformative tool that supports well-being by reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing focus, emotions, relationships, recovery, and sleep quality. It offers personalized guided meditations crafted specifically for each user, fostering a deep sense of relaxation and inner peace. The tool also features streak tracking and point accumulation, empowering users to monitor their progress and celebrate milestones. Additionally, users can compare their meditation practice with friends and top meditators, fostering a sense of community and motivation. Experience the power of personalized meditation with Ogimi Labs.


Aihairstyles is an innovative AI-powered tool that revolutionizes hairstyle exploration. By simply uploading a selfie, users can unlock a world of new hairstyles. With 15 initial styles and continuous updates, the possibilities are endless. Custom requests are also accommodated. The tool generates 8 images per chosen style, featuring various poses. To access this service, users must log in and make a minimum purchase of 40 images (5 styles) for $5, with each additional style costing $1. Aihairstyles embraces diversity and works with different ethnicities and races, though minor adjustments may be needed. User data can be deleted anytime via the profile page, and the website provides comprehensive legal policies, including terms of use, privacy policy, and cookie policy.


Skinive revolutionizes skincare with its AI-powered dermatology tool, delivering a thorough skin health analysis for users. This advanced tool accurately identifies diverse skin diseases and conditions, offering personalized risk assessments and expert advice to enhance skin health. Whether for personal use or by medical professionals, Skinive is CE-Marked and trusted by dermatologists worldwide. Gain access to the cutting-edge 3D Skin-map, elevating diagnostic accuracy and expediting the process. Transform your approach to skincare with Skinive and unlock a world of precise analysis, empowering you to prioritize and improve your skin health like never before.


Meet Sage, Labworks’ cutting-edge AI-powered personal health assistant. Through your preferred messenger app, Sage delivers personalized health and wellness guidance. By gathering information about your health and lifestyle preferences via a survey, Sage provides tailored recommendations to support your wellness journey. Experience the benefits with a 7-day free trial, followed by a €19.99 per month subscription. Seamlessly integrating with wearable devices and health records, Sage ensures precise and personalized advice. Empower yourself with Sage’s advanced AI technology and embark on a transformative path towards better health and well-being.


Experience Socra, the revolutionary AI-driven platform dedicated to helping individuals reach their goals. Utilizing state-of-the-art AI technology and fostering a supportive community, Socra equips users with the essential resources for success. Enjoy the platform’s free access, which offers limited daily AI usage, and unlock further AI capabilities with two subscription tiers. With Socra, you’ll tap into a world of possibilities, harnessing the power of AI to enhance your journey towards personal growth and achievement. Join the Socra community and embark on a transformative path towards realizing your aspirations.


Napkin, a purpose-built tool, empowers users to gather and structure their ideas effortlessly. With direct entry, an iPhone app, a Chrome extension, and Readwise integration, users can capture ideas from anywhere. The personalized AI fosters connections between collected ideas, while the web clipper and reflection features enable users to explore new connections and deepen their understanding. Napkin is the ideal companion for organizing thoughts, sparking creativity, and discovering novel insights.

Write A Card

The AI Card Writer is a free tool that assists users in composing heartfelt messages for occasions like Valentines, Birthdays, and Christmas. Utilizing AI-generated content, it offers users pre-written messages that can be easily copied and used in their cards. With the AI Card Writer, users can effortlessly find the perfect words to express their feelings and make their cards more meaningful and personal.

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