AutoCode Pro

AutoCodePro is an innovative platform fueled by AI that effortlessly transforms ideas into functional code. Whether it’s for Chrome extensions, web apps, or mobile apps, users can describe their app concept, and AutoCodePro will generate a complete, deployable codebase tailored to their specifications. This powerful tool empowers individuals with little to no coding experience to bring their ideas to life without the hassle of manual coding. With AutoCodePro, users can save time and resources while accelerating their app development process.


Flowise is a user-friendly open-source visual tool that empowers users to create custom language-based models (LLMs) using LangchainJS in Node Typescript/Javascript. Whether for personal or commercial use, Flowise is freely accessible and can be set up effortlessly with a few simple commands. It seamlessly integrates with Docker and provides convenient channels for support through Discord, Twitter, or email. Explore the possibilities of language modeling and leverage the capabilities of Flowise to build your own tailored solutions. Please note that proficiency in coding may be required as this tool is a GitHub repository offering code-based functionality.


Metabob is an advanced AI tool designed for code refactoring and debugging. Powered by proprietary graph neural networks, it efficiently identifies and resolves a wide range of coding issues. With its large language models (LLMs), Metabob offers comprehensive explanations and solutions for detected problems. The tool supports various applications, including AI Static Code Analysis, Software Security Scanning, Autofix and Refactoring, and Project Metrics. Trusted by developers, Metabob boasts features like a low false positive rate, seamless integration with security gates, secrets scanning, and more. It can be deployed on-premises within your organization’s private cloud, targeting the most relevant problems for your team.

Formulas HQ

Boost your productivity with Formulas HQ, the ultimate generative AI tool. Say goodbye to tedious formula and code searching in Excel and Google Sheets. With Formulas HQ, you gain access to a vast library of formulas, VBA and Apps Script code, regular expression generators, and unlimited chat-GPT chats. It’s user-friendly and accessible to all, allowing you to effortlessly generate complex code or receive detailed explanations. Enjoy multiple language support, Google Sheets and Microsoft add-ons, and priority support, all in one powerful platform. Supercharge your workflow with Formulas HQ and experience a new level of efficiency.


Discover Jam Tool, the ultimate AI-powered debugging assistant designed to optimize your coding experience. With automated source code analysis, code fix suggestions, and secure code review, Jam Tool streamlines the debugging process. Seamlessly integrated with the Jam Chrome extension, it aids in bug reporting and offers AI-driven bug diagnosis. Simply paste in your code snippets for instant analysis and suggestions, and watch as Jam Tool continuously improves to provide even better fix recommendations over time. Take your debugging to the next level with Jam Tool’s intelligent assistance.

CodeConvert AI

CodeConvert is a user-friendly, automated code conversion tool that effortlessly transforms code between programming languages, eliminating the need for manual rewriting. With its intuitive interface and zero setup requirements, it caters to users of all programming skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced coder, CodeConvert simplifies the process of converting code, saving you time and effort. Best of all, it’s completely free to use. Streamline your coding workflow and seamlessly transition between languages with CodeConvert.

Bricabrac AI

Bricabrac is a revolutionary app generator powered by AI, enabling users to create fully functional apps in under 10 minutes, without any coding knowledge. By describing their requirements, users can harness the AI’s capabilities to generate the desired app. With a user-friendly no-code design editor, users can easily customize their apps. Additionally, Bricabrac allows users to export and retain the generated code. The platform offers free web app hosting and provides a complimentary 2-day trial to experience its full potential. Transform your ideas into reality swiftly and effortlessly with Bricabrac’s cutting-edge AI-powered app generation.


AI Dev Codes is an innovative tool that empowers users to build custom web pages effortlessly through AI-powered chat. With OpenAI’s advanced ChatGPT text generation model, creating interactive web pages becomes a breeze. The tool also offers image generation with stable diffusion upon request. For added convenience, an optional voice interface with realistic text-to-speech functionality is available. Users can enjoy free hosting on user paths or opt for a custom subdomain at for just $5 per month. Whether it’s mock-ups, informational pages, creative writing experiments, or complete websites, AI Dev Codes simplifies the process with its versatile capabilities.


LangChain by Steamship is a seamless solution for deploying and hosting managed LangChain Apps. With features like cloud-based logging, key management, and data storage, users can easily create robust applications. LangChain also offers convenient built-in embedding search and customizable endpoints. By wrapping code in Flask-style endpoints, users can deploy live, multi-user APIs effortlessly. Steamship goes the extra mile by providing hosted LangChain Examples and Swap-ins, including OpenAI, ConversationBufferMemory, ConversationBufferWindowMemory, Google Search, and Audio Transcription. Simplify your app deployment process and unlock the potential of LangChain with Steamship’s powerful LangChain platform.


AI Code Snippets empowers developers to create a secure code snippets library using the prowess of AI. This tool facilitates code generation, refactoring, and debugging, while providing intelligent code completion for efficient coding. Collaborate seamlessly by sharing your snippets with your team and enhance code readability through natural language explanations. Choose from three subscription plans tailored to your specific requirements. With AI Code Snippets, you can optimize your coding workflow and ensure the development of robust and reliable code snippets.

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