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Zoom Recorder

Camera Filters!

Zoom Recorder lets you zoom in and zoom out in real time when recording videos. You can record awesome videos in FULL HD quality (1080p) with smooth zooming.

  • Up to 16X Zoom
  • Landscape and Portrait mode support
  • No Advertisement
  • Universal app
  • Simple and clean UI
  • Smooth Video Zooming
  • Auto Focus and Auto Exposure are continuously maintained to give clear view
  • Video directly saved to Camera roll

Version 3.5   ||   Updated: 21 Dec 2016

  • App optimized for more speed
  • Bug fixes
  • UI improvements

Zoom Recorder - Simple yet Powerful

  • Tap the camera preview, a scroll bar will appear at bottom with various filters.
  • Scroll the list and choose any filter by tapping its icon.
  • Camera preview will now have the selected filter applied.
  • Tap the camera preview again to hide the filter bar.

Using this app is very simple and the clean simplistic interface gives you more viewing area when recording videos. Adjusting the zoom in/zoom out slider will adjust the camera's zoom. The slider is very accurate and video zooming is immediate with no lag at all. What you see is exactly what you get as the final output.

tap the + button to start zoomin
tap the - button to start zoomout

Use Gridlines options, to perfectly align your videos.

NOTE : Zoom Recorder cannot be used with existing videos. It can only be used to take new video.

Now you can bring your favorite objects closer in your video with clarity - Close and Clear. Please rate this app and share with your friends if you like it. If you have any suggestions, please contact us : support@aisoftware.mobi