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Video Sizer lets you choose the video resolution and frames per second (FPS), so you can record at various quality levels. The output file size is greatly reduced, thus allowing you more recording time with the same available free space of your device.

The native camera app records video in the highest possible resolution supported by your device. The output files thus generated are very huge and quickly take up a substantial amount of space on your device.

Version 2.1   ||   Updated: 24 May 2016

Video Sizer Features

The smaller files have advantage that they can be uploaded to FaceBook / Youtube and other video sharing sites a lot faster than the default video camera output files.

Video Sizer provides multiple options to choose the one best suited as per situation and works on iOS 7 and up.

NOTE : Video Sizer cannot be used to alter the resolution of pre recorded videos. It can only be used to record new videos.

Video Sizer

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