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Camera Filters

Camera Filters!

Camera Filters! is an easy to use UNIVERSAL app to capture photos in any setting of your choice, using the built-in live filters.

  • Landscape and Portrait mode support
  • No Advertisement
  • Universal app
  • Simple and clean UI

Version 3.4   ||   Updated: 27 Feb 2017

  • App optimized for more speed
  • Bug fixes
  • UI improvements

Preview your photos in any of the cool filters and pick the right one to create an impressive photo.

  • Saturation, Contrast, Brightness, Exposure, Sharpen
  • Crop, Gamma, Haze, Sepia, Color invert
  • Grayscale, Threshold, Pixellate, SED, Sketch
  • Toon, Posterize, Vignette
  • four different Blur modes

Many of the filters are configurable! Pick the best look that you like and share your 'better' photo with friends :)

NOTE : Camera Filters! cannot be used to edit existing photos. It can only be used to take new photo.

How to use the app?

  • Tap the camera preview, a scroll bar will appear at bottom with various filters.
  • Scroll the list and choose any filter by tapping its icon.
  • Camera preview will now have the selected filter applied.
  • Tap the camera preview again to hide the filter bar.

Device dependent features include front camera switch to take interesting self shots. Share your imagination with your loved ones. Snap and post to Facebook quickly, impress your friends.

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